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MEISSACARE ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED (herein after called as MAPL) is company that is registered in India under Companies Act 1956. It is a company that entered into contract with American AMC through their Embassy. The role of the company is to collect money on behalf of the foreign companies for the goods supplied by them in India on credit basis has to be collected from the local companies and remit the funds to the account of the foreign AMCs account in US dollars after deducting their service charges. The company has the capacity to do such business, because they are already doing the AMC business in India and well experienced in the line of financial trade. A small clipping of their business standards is mentioned here below for the embassy to have first hand information about MAPL. its clients' pooled fund into securities that match its declared financial objectives. ... The AMC is, thus, an operational arm of the trust. AMC is responsible for carrying out all functions related to management of the assets of the trust.

MAPL is a legal entity that conducts a professional activity on the management of assets of collective investment institutions (CII) based on the license issued by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine (NSSMC).

Investing in a mutual fund is a mutual way of investing in markets. They emerged because of two concerns faced by the Investors. First was the Quantum of investment, as people had small money to save on day to day or month on month basis. Second was the knowledge part as each of us have different education and profession, so we find ourselves ill equipped when it come to investment markets. So each of us need the experts help during the investment process.

MAPL is a company that invests its clients' pooled fund into securities that match its declared financial objectives. Asset management companies provide investors with more diversification and investing options than they would have by themselves. Thus, an asset management company is a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. The Sponsor creates the asset management company and this is the entity, which manages the funds of the trust.  The trust pays a small fee to the MAPL for management of its fund. The MAPL acts under the supervision of Trustees and is subject to the regulations of SEBI. Trustees appointed MAPL as the Investment Manager of the Trust, on the recommendation of sponsor. Trustees are authorized to appoint MAPL  as per the trust deed .The trustees entered  into an agreement with the MAPL  known as ‘Investment Management Agreement‘, which contains all the functions, duties and rights of the MAPL  as an Investment Manager. The MAPL is, thus, an operational arm of the trust. MAPL is responsible for carrying out all functions related to management of the assets of the trust. The MAPL structures various schemes, launches the scheme and mobilizes initial amount, manages the funds and give services to the investors.

The Rules laid are nothing but Objectives, which are set for each schemes and the basic guidelines about the investment made under the scheme.

MAPL is responsible for the financial, administrative and accounting management of products under management in collective investment schemes and under discretionary mandates. They are authorized to do business and they manage their assets independently and exclusively in the investor‘s interest.                                                                                                                   

MAPL is always liable for its business activities, even if it outsources some of them. In law, their liability is based on the notion of a management mandate. Under the terms of the mandate, the managing director is responsible for making management decisions by buying and selling securities on behalf of customers. In addition to the conventional due diligence and disclosure requirements, the management mandate entails main requirement is treating customers fairly. Thus, it becomes important to ensure that it focuses just on its core business. Also, the regulators aim to ensure that the activities of AMC are not against investors‘interests. With these objectives, SEBI has imposed some restrictions on the business activities of an AMC.